March 2, 2020 0

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

I conceived when my husband and I weren’t expecting considering our financial state, it was tough, we considered terminating the baby from the onset even though both of us were Christians; we were not ready we just had a 15months old in our hands.

I attended the hallelujah festival at about 22weeks of the pregnancy and top of my prayer points was safe delivery for the baby because I was so scared.

Few days after the challenge I started having terrible pain at work and was rushed to the hospital, the Drs said the baby wasn’t in a good state and they needed to expel the baby, I cried, I prayed, I reminded God I had just finished the challenge.

Few days later I found myself praying that the will of God be done since the doctors identified some birth defects with the baby, half way through I remembered we prayed for LIGHT and I thought what if this is the light at this stage and my perspective changed.

I became thankful, hard as it seemed, the doctors induced labour last night, I had the baby, even though he had died, I am grateful for my life, I survived it. And I thank God for LIGHT because the doctors kept saying it would have posed a big health challenge for me had I not come at the point I did.

I pray for strength for the journey ahead, the baby would have been 24weeks tomorrow and growing. But I choose to praise God during this tough season.


February 27, 2020 0
Hello Pastor Nathaniel,
God his using you to save his people..

My testimony
After Saturday night Hallelujah challenge!  I know for sure God is listening to our prayers..
Just wanted to put this out here for anyone Believing in God for the fruit of the womb, so I had surgical termination at almost 18weeks pregnant in 2017 and didn’t see my period after that for a year in 2018. After using  northistherone and prayer and fasting  to bring my period as prescribed by the gynaecologist I had my period in January 2019 and I noticed  the period was very light and wasn’t coming out properly, I went to see the gynaecologist again and I was told I have Ashermans Syndrome after examining me. I cried that night and for some days , that what’s all these. The gynaecologist then said she will do hysterescopy to cut out the adhesions in my womb /uterus and said she will insert the Copper IUD for 3 months To open up my womb so the period can flow properly. I was like what is she saying I want to have a baby or get pregnant like now now , you telling me you want to do all this procedures anyway she said that’s the only way, so I called my pastor he said go ahead with it but we must keep praying . Fast forward she done the surgery on the 14th of October 2019 .fast forward again she removed the IUD 14th of January 2020 and I started to use seven seas trying for a baby folic acid and after my period in January I decided to start trying in February( when I saw You posted Hallelujah challenge will be starting I was so happy and said God this is my time.. with prayers God did the impossible and you said we should ask God for something  that will make us sing , I never knew ,you  would honour me this way…  and I did ,I keyed into that prayer point like I have never prayed before . To God be glory I tested positive today to my pregnancy test.
so excited cause have been trying for a second baby as my first child is going to be 6 this year.
For anyone trying please don’t give up.. prayer and God can send the right practitioner in human form your way..
I have been shouting hallelujah 100x a day for the past 4days now..
glory to God for using you as vessel to lead his people.

February 4, 2020 0

####Good morning Pastor Nat! May your anointing never run dry in Jesus name, Amen ? One of my prayer request has been to be blessed with the fruit of the womb, God has answered that prayer and I am 2 days past my due date. I noticed on Sunday I didn’t feel my babies movement, today Monday same thing so I called my midwife and she advised I take juice or eat something and lay on my side with my hand on my tummy for 2 hours and if I don’t feel at least 6 movements in 2 hours, I should call back and head straight to the hospital. I didn’t feel the movements and didn’t bother calling the midwife back or rushing to the hospital. I called my husband who is at work and told him I didn’t feel the movements but won’t panic, I told him i would just do my regular walks and then come back to partake in hallelujah challenge as it was 4.30pm my time then, 30mins to Halleluyah challenge and if after Halleluyah challenge no movement, will wait for him to return from work and then we go to the hospital.

The heavens heard me, Pastor Nat, I danced and prayed. After the shout of Jesus, just about 5 minutes to the end of the challenge, my baby moved 7 times in 1 minute. May God’s name be praised. I will be back with my testimony of supernatural childbirth this week by God’s grace. Thank you, Jesus, I cannot call on your name and end up in shame. Please share to encourage someone.####

September 16, 2019 0

My testimony sir: Yesterday, I asked God that He should do one thing within 24-48 hours as you instructed. I asked that God should make a friend that has been due for two days to deliver peacefully within 24-48 hours and HE did it in less than 24 hours. I thank God for he answers prayers.


September 20, 2018 0

Hello Pastor Nathaniel,

I am here with my praise report. I firstly apologise for sharing my testimony late but i am glad i can finally share.

During the last Halleluyah challenge of 2017, I and my Husband joined as we were trusting God for a number of things but first on our list was the fruits of the womb. 

On one of the nights you gave a word of Prophecy ‘Balika pu la la’ and said it means ‘Girl child’. That by the next year 2018, I will bring forth a girl child. I received the prophecy with joy and we believed God. On the final night, you asked us to write our 30 requests and dance like they have all been answered. I did that and believed it was settled.

I conceived the next month, July 2017 and gave birth to a baby girl April 2018. In fact, on the Halleluyah festival this year, a woman testified that God blessed her with her baby and she also gave birth April this year. Her testimony brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of my own testimony.

I return all the glory to God for His mighty hands has caused me today to be a mother. May His name forever be praised.

I believe God also that all the 14 requests i presented to Him during the just concluded Halleluyah challenge have also been answered. I sure know that i will be back to testify very soon.

More of God’s grace on your life , family and ministry. I bless God also for delivering your wife from Etopic pregnancy. You shall never know loss in Jesus name. Amen.

September 20, 2018 0

Good morning Pastor Nathaniel,

I partook in the very first halleluyah challenge which took place in June 2017, all through the challenge i was believing God for one major request which was to bless me with another baby as my first was 4years.
As the challenge went on i kept believing God and kept trying. After the challenge i still had my menstral flow in July and was almost giving up. A good friend of mine who did IVF and had twins started talking to me about doing IVF since hers is a success story. I discussed with my husband and we agreed that we go for it using the same hospital she used which was in Ibadan. She advised that since we will be going from Lagos to Ibadan it will be better i run my tests the same day. One of the test requirements was that i will be on my menstral flow. On the 5th of August my flow started and then we made arrangements to go to the hospital on the 7th of August.
Went to Ibadan on the 7th of August, registered and made payments for various test. Met with the fertility doctor, he did a scan and confirmed everything is fine with me. He said my case is unexplained infertility since i already had a child before. He advised i watch my weight too since i had gained weight from when i conceived my first son. He also asked that my husband come for his own tests.
Got back to Lagos discussed with my husband and made arrangements for his visit too.. 1st week in September i registered in a gym which went on for 2weeks… throughout my time in the gym i noticed i was getting weaker and weaker by the day(felt the gym was working), and then i realised i havent seem my period for the month of September, relunctantly i did a PT with the test strip at home and then it showed i was pregnant i doubted it.
Went to the hospital and it was confirmed i was 4weeks pregnant. JUST LIKE THAT
My joy knew no bound, my husband couldnt believe it. Why was it the moment i decided i wanted to do IVF. Olowogbogboro showed up and said NO MAN CAN TAKE MY GLORY. He is indeed a jealous God. Even when the hospital called to discuss the remaining test result, God had already done it, they were stunned.
May God continue to bless and uphold you for listening and obeying his calling in your life. Indeed i am a huge benefactor of Halleluyah Challenge and am super grateful to Almighty God.
Had my baby on the 5th of May, 2018 and his name is Kamsiyonna(Just as i have asked God) Daran Nwoye