September 10, 2019 2

First testimony.. I did a night plan for the Hallelujah challenge worth 200 Naira. Like 12:30, I was sent a message that I had 12mb left which won’t carry me till the end. I prayed and asked God to do a miracle and that I wanted to finish the challenge. It wasn’t even up to 5mins, I got a message that my night plan has been reactivated again.. How???. I didn’t even subscribe again. God did it. I was able to complete the challenge and still had extra data. I believe God for more miracles. Hallelujah ????


February 22, 2019 0

I have a testimony too!!!! I lost my wallet two weeks ago and had already given up hope, and finally went to file a police report as a couple of important ID cards were there, less than 20 minutes after starting the process my brother called me that someone had found it and I retrieved it intact! I had prayed in passing on Monday during the praise and worship session even though I was already half asleep on my bed 5 minutes in, God still answered my prayer as trivial as it was


February 16, 2019 0

####Praise God pastor Bassey well last week you prayed about the restoration of families I have a couple of friends who has totally split for 2years friends and families intervened to help get them back in vain. this week I kept mentioning their names that God should intervene and their marriage should be restored. Yesterday I got a call that they are back together and their love is in cloud 9. Isn’t God faithful he is a God of Matthew19:26 .i thank God for this testimony and I declare and decree that it shall be permanent I slept with so much joy knowing my own testimony is coming to me veerrrrry soon in Jesus name. My son will be totally delivered and all concerning him will be perfect he will eventually speak before his 4th birthday next month in Jesus name amen#####

February 9, 2019 0

 ####Good morning pastor Nath, I have been struggling to give this testimony. Please, keep me anonymous. All my life I have been defiled as a result of this I have never had a stable relationship with any man, it became so bad that I visited different prayer houses all to no avail, I gave up and prepared my mind that I would never get married. during the first hallelujah challenge in 2017, it was the talk of law school a friend introduced me to it.
I wasn’t serious with it but one night during the challenge I prayed and praised like never before .that afternoon I was having my siesta and I had a dream, the man dat defiles mi came as usual but I had the boldness to tell him that I was going and I didn’t want to do this any more.To God be the glory two months later I started dating,3 months later he proposed and we got married last year.i just want to bless the name of the Lord.####

February 5, 2019 0

The God of impossibility came through for me Husband’s Research yesterday. He has been stuck with a particular problem without solutions, and yesterday he decided to pay a company $190 to help him for the solution, but midnight while I was reading your post and various testimonies on impossibilities, I prayed in my spirit and believe, lo and behold,?he can to me that he got to the solutions already and that he is seeking for refunds. This Our God is real.