March 2, 2020 0

God is really awesome and never fails..  Pastor good morning, I want to testify to the goodness and faithfulness of God, he never fails! I joined the hallelujah challenge 3 nights ago and God has turned things around in my business and every area of my life. Something awesome also happened tonight. Somehow I was out at my cousin’s place till 11:45pm,I had told them (my cousin and her friends)about the Hallelujah challenge earlier but they weren’t keen on participating. At 12am I joined in the praise and worship. I praised and worshiped like never before. On my way back home my car started malfunctioning. Every thing stopped working.  It was raining heavily and I kept telling God and talking to my car that it must take me home. The Holy Spirit gave me the wisdom to manage the car till I eventually got home and on getting to my gate the car just went off.My gate men had to even push d car into the compound and at dawn my mechanic discovered  that the fan belt had cut.  It could have only been God that brought me home with the car that had no fan belt. I return all the praise to God!!! God deserves to be revered,worshipped and admired. God didnt let the car stop on d high way with the rain. How is it possible to drive a car without fan belt if it’s not God in action??

God bless you pastor Nathaniel for harkening to God’s call to lead this Hallelujah challenge. May God preserve you and all that concerns you, Amen..


February 28, 2020 0

The roaring Fire, Yeshua! He visited me today. Pastor nat during the challenge, one of the things I prayed for was untimely death. I would have lost my father today, were it not for the grace of God! So my Father’s car was hit by a truck today, damaged beyond repair, but he and his co traveller survived. Only by the grace of God! Here are the pictures of the car


February 27, 2020 0
Good afternoon Sir. Since I joined Hallelujah Challenge , its been wonderful.
When you said we should pray for children, I prayed endlessly even without having a child. Didn’t know the prayer was for me o..
Something terrible almost happened which I  want to thank God for.
I was seated outside my house. After sometime, I stood up to go inside my room. Unknown to me that my neighbors daughter (a two years old child) followed me into the house.
I  stepped out to get something, only for me to get back to see this baby with an already opened  sniper which she was about  to drink . when I came into the room, I screamed. I tried taking it from her and she dragged the bottle with me o.
God! This sniper was very close to this child’s mouth. Wat would I have said if she drank it? Who would have believed my story?
I hear of  how God works in mysterious ways, this is just a perfect example. Please join me to thank God because this would have been a different story entirely.
Thank you Sir. God bless you. AMEN

February 26, 2020 0

I had a flat tyre in d morning on day 16 of the hallelujah challenge, so I couldn’t go drop my Daughter in school with it, thank God d school isn’t so far, so I took bike to drop her off, I forgot d key to our gate in her school bag, when I got home hubby called vulcanizer to come and change d tyre, d guy said he would haav to take d tyre to his workplace which was at the bus stop, so I was like no wahala remove d bad tyre and fix d spare tyre (which also wasn’t too good as well) so I can drive d car and you to your workshop, but it was at dat juncture I realised I had forgotten the big gates key in my daughters bag, I had just the key to d pedestrian gate, the vulcanizer said no wahala he will take d flat tyre to his shop and bring it back to fix on the car, All dis while he had already put d spare tyre on the car, so he left later I took a bike to my daughter’s school and collected d key, I got home and decided to take d car out so I cud go pick her from school with it since it was already time for the school to close, well I was thinking of going to my baby’s school direct but something told me to go to d vulcanizer place first, so I did when I got there and parked d guy ran to me in shock, he asked how I drove d car, I said wetin happen I just drive am na, he said because he didn’t fix d nut of the spare tyre, he assumed since I couldn’t find the key to the big gate and he was coming back to fix my tyre, he didn’t want to stress himself so he just put d nuts on d tyre but didn’t screw it, he was surprised I drove all d way from my house to his shop and d tyre didn’t come off infact pastor he didn’t use anything to remove the spare, right in front of me he took the tyre off with his hands.

 What if I had gone to pick my baby first , how I was able to pass road bumps with a tyre that wasn’t screwed to the car is still a mystery, YESHUA HAMASHIACH the God that holds us when nothing is there to hold us, the one that Guards our life did not disappoint me. Help me praise the Lord Jesus to him I give all the glory. Amen

February 16, 2019 0

So true. Two nights ago I woke up in the middle of my sleep and committed everyone I know into God’s care and protection. I kept feeling something bad was going to happen to someone I knew. The following day, I was rubbed in a taxi. My phone and other personal documents were taken away. But behold, not a single hair on my skin was touched. It was there I realised that the prayer I prayed the previous night was not for others but myself. If not God.


February 16, 2019 0

God did something similar for me last year. I had mistakenly left the gas on whilst cooking. I then proceeded to have my night devotion which was an unusually long one. After finishing I would normally have gone to bed but something took me to the kitchen and I saw then knob on. Please note that I have low sensitivity to smell so it wasn’t that I smelt gas. I wouldn’t have normally. God just took my eyes there. He’s a watchful Father


February 16, 2019 0

####Good morning Sir!

I want to testify of God’s greatness. The hallelujah challenge we had this election morning was the first I fully participated in since it started this year. When you said the prayer against untimely death, I kept praying for the youth corp members and those that’ll be involved in the election basically. But that prayer was for me because God knew the elections will not hold this morning. I woke up this morning by past 10 and sometime around past 11, I was perceiving the smell of leaked gas in my room. I ran to the kitchen only to see that one gas knob was turned and open like it was in use. I was home alone so I called my dad and accused him of leaving the gas on this morning before leaving home. He said he didn’t touch it, that I was the last to do so when I cooked dinner last night. There’s NO way I’d have served food last night after cooking without turning off the gas. I did dishes and still went to the kitchen by 2 am to get water, no gas was leaking or smelling. I don’t know how this happened exactly but I’m grateful to God. I could have died because I was about to stand up to cook breakfast this morning when I perceived the gas. More than 14 hours since I touched the gas last night. If I had died, my dad would have had a heart attack. My mum would have suffered same too if she heard. I’m just thankful to God for His protection over me!!! My name is Itunuoluwa Lambo. Please share my testimony. I DONT want to be anonymous!!! God bless and strengthen you and your team sir. Amen!

Itunuoluwa M. Lambo#####

September 20, 2018 0

Dear Sir,

My God has shown me so much mercy, much more than I deserve. I am a bundle of testimonies, it just keeps coming and it will be wrong not to share and constantly appreciate what God has done, is doing and will continue to do in my life.

At the October 2017 hallelujah challenge, my main prayer request was for my husband to pass a 2 stage practicing examination to enable him practice outside the country. The message then was that we will hear a new sound that will cause everything around us to leap for joy. I always shared and prayed the prayer points raised with my husband and to the glory of God he passed both stages of the examination at first attempt, got a job and relocated early this year. The new sound caused everything around us to leap for joy as myself and my children joined my husband some days back.

Sometimes last month a lady I know called to share her dream and in the dream my son passed on. I prayed about it immediately and brought it up to God in prayer during this year’s challenge. A lot of things were happening that I couldn’t ignore for they could all be linked. My son kept having eye infections and one day he said to me mummy some are meant to see and some meant to be blind I immediately held him prayed and told him nothing will affect his eyesight. He also kept talking about “his Yoruba family” (this is a 4 years old child saying things like he has a ‘Yoruba mum’, in ‘Yoruba city they have big trucks………’). It was a troubling time for me, I just kept praying about it till the call against sudden death came up 2ce I believe during the challenge.  I will move location to my son’s bed side and pray serious against every spirit of death around him and in our family and against every evil initiation because in my heart of hearts I knew his talking about a Yoruba family was not right.  I shielded my son and every member of my family in the name of Jesus the Strong Tower and I want to tell you that I haven’t heard him talking about any Yoruba family since then and I know his eyesight has been made perfect by the precious blood of Jesus.

The way maker stepped in for us and He is powerfully making a way for us as we settle. Under a week of us entering the country, my son’s admission to a school that was fully booked has been sorted out. I cannot thank God enough for what He has done, what He is doing and what He will continue to do for me and my Family.

May God continue to bless and keep yourself, your family and your entire team Pastor.

Hallelujah challenge is a blessing to me and my entire household.

Best Regards,