September 20, 2018 0

Good morning pastor Nathaniel,  I just want to thank God for his Grace and mercy in my life, I joined the hallelujah challenge this year and even thou I wasn’t consistent he was consistent in his blessings. I was coming back from work one Thursday evening carrying my bag and my laptop bag and I was  already tired and I wanted to ease my self, I got into the bus and sat down putting my bag and laptop bag on my leg and since I didn’t want to sleep off I started reading a book on my phone, not too long I started feeling more uncomfortable thinking it was my bag I ignored it but the holy spirit keep telling me to check it when I did. Lo and behold the man sitting beside me put his hand close to my private part and I was like Oga what’s going on, he pretended as if I I wasn’t talking to him so I raised an alarm inside the bus, heaven knows on a normal day I would be embarrassed but I wasn’t and the men in the bus took to him to a police station but I prayed and covered myself with the blood of Jesus and told God that the battle is in his hands because I don’t know if he was a ritualist or just a pevert but I thank God for delivering me  some days later after the hallelujah challenge ended I had a dream in which I was chased by cows but by Gods grace in the dream he provided a get away car for me and I was safe. I want to thank God for he has been faithful and he is still faithful.

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I want to bless God for His hand of protection over my life.
On Sunday after the hallelujah challenge I fell asleep and in my dream someone was trying to inflict me with a kind of poison in my legs, the person held rats and was squeezing some kind of fluid from the rats on my feet,  I was struggling to run away and rebuke the person, I successfully ran into safe room where I woke up and prayed against the dream. The next morning I woke up with terrible pain on my right foot and slightly on my left foot,  I started massaging with my anointing oil…it grew worse (the pain)…it didn’t stop me from attending the grand finale at VI. I danced with the pain, after the service I waited until 6am before leaving and it got so bad I couldn’t walk well, I was limping and in great pain… I still praised when I got home, with joy that His name is a strong tower…i just want to bless God because right now I don’t feel any pain and I can walk very well… Pls post my testimony, God is so amazing…

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Good morning pastor,  I bless God for his good works in your life.  Early this morning I woke up at about past 12 am to pray since the hallelujah challenge is over.

As I slept back I had a dream,  I dreamt a friend came to visit,  then I saw her off,  I was with my child,  as I turned to enter the street,  there was a lady standing at the junction,  she signaled to me to keep going and not enter,  but I didn’t understand,  so I entered.

Lo and behold there were gun men there looking like kidnappers,  one hit me with a cane and said I should lie down,  they had guns and machetes, they said they will kill us all,  they had other people too that walked into the street,  I was so afraid and it felt so real.

Next thing it clicked in my mind start praising God,  that was how I started singing Your Name Is a Strong Tower,  Jesus.,  I continued singing and noticed one brother was also singing..
Next thing they pierced one guy ‘s cheek with the knife and he started bleeding.
Then one said the knife wasn’t sharp enough that it needed to be sharpened,  so the brother that I noticed singing offered to go and sharpen it  and said he would like me to come with him,  that was how I got up and followed him then we started running,  with me carrying my child on my side,  they noticed and pursued us but glory to God we escaped.
I don’t know how I saw my husband,  he picked me up and I narrated the whole story to him.  On our way home we saw dead bodies on the ground,  when we inquired we were told the kidnappers killed them,  I just continued praising God with that song and said in my dream that I would write to you to testify of God’s great deliverance on my life and family.
I pray that God who has delivered me will deliver me from stagnation in my job search and also bless me with twins as I desire.
May the Lord’s mighty hand never depart from you and your family.  Thanks

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Goodmorning sir..

God has indeed showed His mighty hand in my family.. He’s showed me He’s my strong tower and way maker.
It would have been an error to partake in the hallelujah challenge and be mocked by the devil.
I couldn’t join the praise this morning cos my network was terrible. For 45mins I waited for my network to stabilise but to no avail so I prayed and asked God for the same protection and blessings over everyone praising him this morning over my siblings and called everyone by name before retiring to bed.
I woke up this morning to watch the recorded event of the early hours that i couldn’t join when my mum that was preparing for work ran to my room to tell me your younger sister just called from Uyo and asked us to thank God for saving her from fire last night.
I immediately called her and she narrated the story on how she lit a candle, put it in a ceramic cup and slept off, the candle finished.. burnt the ceramic cup, a few things and cupboard that had her food stuffs to the ground and her camp gas cylinder was an inch away from the cupboard. She and her friend woke up and the whole house was covered with smoke, their faces, clothes and everything was covered with charcoal.
They inhaled the smoke for God knows how long and woke up alive. Jehovah over Do, strong tower God, way maker Daddy put off the fire and saved my kid sister and her friend.
God put a song and laughter in our mouths instead of her neighbours calling for us to come and carry her remains she called for us to thank our way maker.
I say thank you my strong tower..
Thank you sir Nathaniel Bassey for this wonderful idea..
God bless you, your family and your team..
Hallelujah to His name.

September 18, 2018 0
Dear Pastor Nath,
I want to give God all the glory. He is ever faithful in my life. I have really seen the hand of God in my life, I have been so focused on a particular miracle that I didnt realise God has been blessing me all the way. Since this Hallelujah challenge started, I have been saved from road accident three different times. It could only have been God. Even at my workplace, I can see His good works. His name is truly a strong tower.

September 18, 2018 0

I just want to thank God for the gift of life. I joined the hallelujah challenge last night and I remembered when you said we should just thank God, I kept thanking the Lord. You also prayed about the reversing every death and I prayed along.
I just want to thank the Lord for saving me from death this afternoon. A terrible accident happened along Otedola estate, Lagos-Ibadan express road. A tanker carrying fuel fell and caught fire and nothing less than 20cars behind the tanker caught fire and lives were lost. I passed that same route an hour ago.I would have been me among those lives lost but God was just so faithful to me. I am alive

September 17, 2018 0

Sir, I fasted during the days of the pre-hallelujah challenge and gave God thanks concerning my fees for fashion school, my friend who had been married for 6 months and didn’t get pregnant, my family and other things.

Yesterday my dad called me and showed me the teller for 70% payment of my school
 fees and this would allow me start training, my friend called me this morning to tell me that she took a test and she’s pregnant, and just this evening, my dad had barely passed Berger express way when a tanker exploded and no one knows how many lives had been lost.
Sir,  I just know I need to testify of His greatness! Hallelujah!!!

September 17, 2018 0

Good morning sir, Olowogbogboro prevented a fire accident in my home yesterday night. Mum was cooking with gas, finished and tried turning off the fire but the knob was stiff, so stiff that human power wasn’t enough to turn it off. Used a cloth to put d fire out but the gas was still on, didn’t know what to do anymore. Striked a match to the gas and fire came on, just couldn’t leave the fire to burn all through the night when there wasn’t any cold or that we were trying to keep the house warm. Remembered the hallelujah challenge and asked the HolySpirit to assist me that if He does I’ll share my testimony.. There was a plier beside me, picked it up, at first didn’t work but the next attempt it coperated, the knob worked and the fire was put out.. Can’t thank God enough!!!

September 17, 2018 0

This God you too good ooooo eh eh eh. I have been praying to God concerning my driver who haven’t heard from his Family who lives in Jos since on Sunday. He just called me now that he has heard from them and they are fine. Thank you Jesus for you are Onise Iyanu and thank you pastor for the prayers. More anointing in Jesus name.

September 17, 2018 0

Dear Sir,

I just want to thank God for keeping me safe. Was preparing for work this morning and I slipped and fell outside the bathroom hitting my head really bad.

I thank God it wasn’t worse, I’m in a lot of pain but it could have been worse. Also, I thank God for my friend who survived a car crash with no scars just minor body pains meanwhile the driver of the other vehicle came out bleeding.

God be praised.

May God bless your ministry Sir.