February 27, 2020 Hallelujah Challenge0

I joined the hallelujah challenge last week and I partook in the hallelujah festival . A major prayer point in my journal was “financial abundance”…Brethren GOD did it…So after such a long time, my dad was paid his retirement benefits. Asides the fact that major bills are being settled rn, I just got an alert this morning to purchase a new laptop…

My current laptop has been a reproach to me in all manner of ways…This laptop issue plagued me with super worries…In otherwords, it had been a major concern for me for a long time.  I needed a new one so direly to continue my masters program effectively and look how GOD IN HIS INFINITE MERCIES SHOWED UP FOR ME… I am the one that came back to say THANK YOU YESHUA HAMASHIACH, LION OF JUDAH!!!!…
I heard Pastor Nath say that, the last hallelujah challenge might be the last, I just laffed in benin…Me that is yet to claim all my blessings from this platform, ko possible…Hallelujah challenge we die here!!!! Thank you sir for letting GOD use you, may your oil never run dry in JESUS name

February 26, 2020 Hallelujah Challenge0

Come and see what our father in heaven has done o

I joined the hallelujah challenge when it started, 2 weeks ago on a Sunday, I was in my house listening to “King is coming” album after so much prayers, we have a family event coming up which I have not been able to contribute to it because I am jobless and broke but during the time I was praising my God I received a call from someone I work with atleast once a year that she’s in the country and she needs me to come to her hotel room. To cut the long story short the money she pays me is 3 times better than what I received from my last job.

Awamaridi eledumare…

February 26, 2020 Hallelujah Challenge0

God bless you for the Hallelujah challenge. I have been trying to get some financial aid to help with my debt and everywhere I turned to was a NO. I needed this help so I can start getting back on track with my finances that I damaged myself.

Throughout the challenge I have been praying to God to have mercy and grant me favour with the last option I applied for last week. The decision came today and I am so elated. No one wanted to give me a chance but God did and just at the right time. I am so grateful I can start rebuilding my finances again. Glory be to God because this means so much to me. Thank you Pastor Nathaniel for answering Gods call. God will continue to strengthen and bless you including the team. I am so grateful.

Yetunde Omotosho

February 5, 2020 Hallelujah Challenge0

####Praisesss God…….my name is Juliet from London. Just after last night prayers, I saw myself in the dream carrying heavy load on my head.then of a sudden some came and put down the load but I couldn’t even see the person’s face though when I woke up I said God has answered my prayers.just the morning I got a call that the job I applied for a very long time has been approved that I should start next week my salary is x3 compared to where I was working before. It’s like I’m dreaming oooo.thank you pastor God bless and strengthen more and more.####

February 4, 2020 Hallelujah Challenge0

Glory to God. My God is alive. I was on an application for school when suddenly they just sent a message that the application had closed. I cried because i really wanted it. Then suddenly, this morning, someone just checked and told me it is up again….. this is just God


September 19, 2019 Hallelujah Challenge0

Pastor I needed some money to do some things in school, this morning on my way to school I got a call from my boss who had transferred some money to me, way beyond what I even needed!!! I was in awe! God answers prayers, I couldn’t help it, people in the vehicle with me were just staring at me, I want to return all the glory to God, he has marvellously helped me

September 17, 2019 Hallelujah Challenge0

Greetings Minister Nathaniel. On the first day of the challenge, you ask us to write 7 things that the LORD will do for us. Interestingly I wrote I want to bless someone. I had no money on my mobile account and given that we have locked down in Cameroon and the possibility to help someone financially was not evident. But that morning 2 people sent me 30k and I have helped 3 persons. God marvellously helped me and I have help others. Praise God. Hallelujah. More testimonies are coming.