October 24, 2022 hallelucha0

Dear pastor Nathaniel…this is my first time hearing of the Hallelujah challenge and I joined on day 4 through a friends advice. By then I was so worried that I had submitted my proposal for review but my supervisor wasn’t giving me feedback. I prayed for God to intervene and the next day I got an email that my proposal had been approved. I praise God for that and pray that He also saves my marriage from divorce. Today as I write on day 6 you said we should pray for softening of stone hearts and that divorce should not come. I claim that blessing and I shall come with another testimony.

March 1, 2020 0


Pastor Nath, I thank God for His faithfulness in my life. God has answered two of my requests. Firstly, I want to bless God for my salvation. The first request on my list is a better spiritual life. I rededicated my life during the Halleluyah Challenge and I must say it has been sweet. I am brand new!!! glory to God!!!

Secondly, I was unemployed during the Halleluyah Challenge and I asked God for a miracle job before the end of first quarter. Pastor Nath, I applied for a job on the 23rd of February after Halleluyah Festival, went for the interview during the week and I am so happy to inform you that God speedily done it!!! I got the job and I am resuming on Monday, 2nd March. 

I bless God for His faithfulness, mercy, grace, redemption and restoration . I am also certain that He will complete all that He has started in my life. All my requests have turned to testimonies. I am also thankful for you Pastor Nathaniel and all that you do. May God continue to anoint your head with oil. You’re a blessing to this generation. God bless and uphold you, your family and your entire team.


February 27, 2020 0
I want to share my testimony for what God did for me at the last hallelujah challenge.
During the last day hallelujah challenge via HALLELUJAH FESTIVAL that was held in the church King’s Court I was believing God for an international breakthrough, my mother happens to be a British Citizen and she decided to file for me too and my brother and I put it before God in prayers during the hallelujah festival, there was a lot of saying that I might not be given because of the age factor but I refused to listen to it we started the processing that the same year 2018 and submitted the whole documents and even went for a DNA test to prove she is my mother, after prayer and fasting I thank God that in the year 2019 April, I was given my British passport with my brother and it was DHL down to us in Nigeria. I was even opportune to meet with Pastor Nathaniel in London last year during a program and I also explained to him. I never believe I will enter London with a British Passport now am a citizen of the United Kingdom, praise the Lord. I also happen to be part of the Nathaniel Bassey Lagos Conference team in Nigeria.
Please I will love to remain anonymous. Thank you.

February 5, 2020 0

#####Hey Pastor Nath! This is coming late, but during the last hallelujah challenge, you spoke specifically about not praying for people who wanted to relocate and run away from Nigeria lol. You said that the land is green in Nigeria and so we can travel and come back but not run away. I didn’t pray that prayer because i wanted to relocate and i was already interviewing for some jobs that would relocate me. To my surprise, the 3 companies rejected me back to back haha. Reluctantly, i began interviewing for a role that required travel but not relocation out of Nigeria.I don’t know how to put this modestly but I got the job and it’s huge. The new job is paying 75,000 USD more than my previous job and way more than I would have earned if I relocated, with solid perks and benefits. God is great! Thank you for the hallelujah challenge, it’s been an opener for my many breakthroughs!#####

February 4, 2020 0

####Good morning sir,
I spoke in tongues for the first time during the Hallelujah Challenge, after you called the name of Jesus and asked us to begin to speak in tongues, the Holy Spirit came upon me and I began to speak, i was overwhelmed and began to cry, It was such a beautiful experience.??#####

September 17, 2019 0

Thanks you Jesus for open doors. On the day of the last Hallelujah challenge, I keyed in and believed God for Favour. It’s already been manifested. I just want to give praise and thanks to God….


September 17, 2019 0

I was to participate in a 3 days training/ workshop in d office which I missed d first-day cos I travelled n couldn’t register on time. I told d God of marvellous help to break protocol by helping me to find favour with d officials to register me n allow me completed remain two days. Boom Boom, he did it. Not only did i met a colleague who offered to speak up for me, but d registration officer is my relative n everything went on smooth for me. Hallelujah ? ? ? ?


September 16, 2019 0

“Good evening brother I have a testimony. I and my wife joined the hallelujah challenge since day 1. We Keyed into the 24 hour miracle declaration yesterday and we were marvellously helped. We have been expecting a document and there was a delay. Not only has it been released, it was delivered to us and approved. Praise the lord??????????” Marvellous helps everywhere !!!