0% Me, 100% GOD’s GRACE

June 14, 2017 by 0

Please help me testify.
I am a medical doctor… Currently doing my NYSC… I wanted someone in particular even though I knew nobody high up there as expected in Our society.
I got posted somewhere for my PPA, but I rejected it cause I wanted the best and I knew the grace i carried. I got it changed even though again, i knew Nobody where i wanted to go.
But God been God wanted to use this to show me He is God.
I called an uncle who works in the organization in a different Bearing in mind his rank may not get me anywhere just yet. He acknowledged that and hooked me up with his friend, this friend also said his rank was nowhere. (See the devil tryna gloat over me. I kept been resilient, something kept pushing within me. I didnt understand it but knew it has to be God). This friend of my uncle said he’d call a snr colleague, he did and sent me his contact. Lo and behold, i called and went to the office; the most humble person ever. He wasnt just anybody,
He was the 2nd in command.

I looked up and saw pictures on the wall
I was like ‘wait, am i really seated with the vice president of this organisation’? Just like that???!!
Who i be??? Olowogbogboro.

He put a call thru to the president and without mincing words, he asked that i be absorbed right away. While i was still in shock, this man started asking about my family, my siblings. Told him my kid sis was looking for a job. As if the first miracle wasn’t enough, he asked for her details
And assured her of a job

Just like that!!!!
My family still can’t comprehend.

Like How?? Why me? What extraordinary thing did i do??

I told them 0% me, 100% GOD’s GRACE. Olowogbogboro out did Himself on this one!!

Today, 15th, I have a professional exam and unlike me who would start getting nervous, i am Not even perturbed. God will put me on the globe for the world to know that He is God.

Thank You, Jesus. One with God truly is Majority!!

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