10 years barrenness gone

July 24, 2017 by 0

Pastor Nathaniel, God bless you obeying the call of God towards the hallelujah challenge. God did it suddenly, 10 years barrenness is gone. Only him could have done it o!. I was diagnosed with PCOS and this caused my monthly cycle to be highly irregular. I could go five months without seeing my monthly cycle and as a result, I was not ovulating. the doctors told me I can never get pregnant except through assisted methods.

I changed hospitals and Gynecologist like I was changing clothes, I have used fertility drugs over and over. I have undergone 2 IVFS after which I was confirmed pregnant but the pregnancy did not go beyond the first trimester and the most recent one was this year. the ‘Waiting’ almost broke my marriage because the pressure was too much. I joined the hallelujah challenge from day one and I did not miss a day because I knew the battle was beyond me.

During the hallelujah challenge, you shared a bible verse in 2Kings 3:17 that says `thus says the Lord you will not see wind nor shall you see rain yet that valley shall be filled with water…… It was the WORD for me. Pastor Nath I took in 2 weeks after a miscarriage. God showed that I did not have to see my monthly cycle before getting pregnant because it was highly irregular anyway. one of my prayer during the challenge was that God should give me a birthday gift.

God showed up suddenly even before my birthday sef. Me pregnant NATURALLY? AHHHH this GOD is just too much. Who says there is no God? I have been confirmed pregnant o. me the doctors said I will never be pregnant except I do IVF. I do not have savings because I have been spending money on IVF and other needed treatments.

I got a positive pregnancy test two weeks ago after 10 years of waiting. I use my testimony as a point of contact to those expecting this kind of miracle. God doesn´t just show up, He shows up big only if we trust in him. Him alone deserves all the glory.

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