My testimony

September 13, 2018 by 0

Good day pastor,

Pastor pls share my testimony too. On the first day you declared long standing debt will be paid and a money my husband applied for since 2years ago they claimed it had been paid but his account was never credited. We have written letters upon letters, filing complains from office to office for 2years now! The first day after the challenge he set out for normal activities only to rush home in 6hrs that the alert dropped! Just 6 hoursĀ  later after 2years of waiting! Hallelujah!

The second day of the challenge you declared 24hrs miracle. I and my husband keyed into it and just after the challenge again we woke up and from no where a call came through from a very highly placed individual in the state saying my husband has been recommend for a possible appointment at state level! Though we are still waiting for the follow up calls but we are actually amazed at the rapid outburst of miracles. Olowogbogboro has indeed revealed his out stretched arms unto us. Praise God!!!

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