2017 hallelujah challenge testimony

September 17, 2018 by 0

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Pst. Nat, please let my joy complete as you share my testimony to all brethren. June 2017 through Frank Edwards IG page I joined HC2017, I had immigration issues, in UK we all know it’s hard to get your documents but OLOWOGBOGBORO did it for me, six weeks after court hearing our documents were granted to us, the Lord changed our story from asylum seekers to citizen of the country , his grace delivered us, all the lawyers told me , my story is weak and I’m from Africa, a peaceful country, they told me they might keep me for 4 years until my son is 7 yrs living in the UK but OLOWOGBOGBORO used His word of Joshoa1:3. If you are living outside ur country and u r an asylum seeker or u r having issues with immigration , trust Him, Heb will bring you out, use this time to claim what belongs to u, refuse to wait and frustrated with what is happening, pray more in tongues , speak word of God, u r time is now u r going to testify  .

The day we had HC festival ( last day if I’m not mistaken) that’s the day the judge made a decision.

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