4 Years Tax Return Paid

June 15, 2017 by 0

Praise God for the Hallelujah Challenge. I had it dropped in my spirit to pray and fast in June. Then I saw the Hallelujah Challenge I thought wao! thank God. I started the first couple of days into June praising God I didn’t know anything about the live praise going on until about the 5th day. I joined from Day 9th I think. I had an estranged relationship with my mother. she said things that hurt me so bad and I was trying to let go but couldn’t I was accused of what I was not. Anyway, God stepped in and that was sorted within the first night I joined the live praise on IG. then couple of days later I had a sore throat I joined the live praise still it left just like that. During one of the nights the Holy spirit said through you that we should write our prayer requests down I did. I felt like the zeal to praise God left me as a worship leader it was one of the request I wrote down and praise God for mercy that found me.. Hallelujah!! Early this year the government paid me 4 years tax return that I wasn’t expecting. Today I got another letter in the post for a year tax return of thousands of pounds. I have had so much financial struggle for like months.. God is working 3ticks off my long prayer request.. olowogbogboro is at work. Thank God for your life Pastor Nathaniel and all the minstrel that He has used so far in this challenge praise God. PLEASE SHARE MY TESTIMONY GOD IS ABLE..

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