A better job package

July 26, 2017 by 0

One of the major things I was believing God for during the Halleluyah Challenge was a new job. I’d just resigned from a job that I felt was not letting me grow or be the best I could be. I resigned in May 2017 and so the Halleluyah challenge in June created the right atmosphere for me to pray into the manifestation of a new job. Prior to leaving my former job, I’d already gone for an interview with a very popular tech company here in Lagos, and so from that period through the month of June, I was being called for different stages of the interview. At a point, it seemed I’d lost the job because there was no contact from them even after I’d been called back to discuss salary expectations. The Hallelujah Challenge came and ended and I was still jobless. To cut the long story short, my offer letter for the job I interviewed for between May – June, was sent to me in the second week of July. Olowogbogboro did it for me. I got a new job that’s paying double of what my previous job was paying and I didn’t have to wait for a year or 6months or even 3months for it. It’s the Hand and favour of God that did this for me. I’m too grateful to Him.

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