A break in stagnation – promotion

September 14, 2018 by 0
Thank you for hosting the hallelujah challenge.
I’ve been looking for a promotion for the last 8 months with all my applications being met with rejections it was disheartening so I stopped for a while.
I felt I was so stagnant in every area of my life so I felt moved to start a gratitude challenge to help me change my perspective. I would write 10 things I was grateful for each morning and praise God. And also praise God in the night.
One of those days I saw an advert that spoke to me. So I placed the application. A few days before the pre-hallelujah challenge.
You mentioned that stagnation will end in our lives and encouraged us to give thanks in advance. I kept thanking God. The hallelujah challenge was timely because there is a lot I wanted, and the strategy God gave was thanksgiving, just as i was losing strength there you came.
Anyway. Yesterday I got an email inviting me for an interview. I am very thankful because there is a knowing and a peace that I have concerning this job.
This is a big testimony because it is the biggest move in my career so far. Not only that. I live in a small city and it is norm that for such roles with big companies one has to move to the bigger cities. This opportunity doesn’t require that of me.
To boost my confidence, I also got head hunted last week by a different company.
I am forever grateful for God’s mercy and the privilege to be seen as righteous through the work of the cross. God is good, faithful and amazing!

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