A sudden testimony from South Africa

September 20, 2018 by 0
Shalom Ps Nath

Oh I am shaking right now. I am a child of God from South Africa. I have been following  Hallelujah challenge since 2017. This time around  I said  I will take leave from work so that I can dedicate this 2 weeks to the Hallelujah challenge. This morning Ps Nathaniel, you asked us to pray for that 1 thing that we want to see within  24 hours, and also you advised us to write down 14 things that we need God to make the way on in this 14 days of Hallelujah challenge.

I have been applying for different jobs since last year without any success and I have qualifications and experience but have been sitting in the same position of a Deputy Director for 9 years.  The 1 thing I asked for God to make a way within 24 hours was a job promotion and of 14 things I wrote,  I put the same as number 1   in the list. As we are speaking now,  few minutes ago,  I have received a call inviting me for a Director level interview!!

I thank you Ps Nathaniel for allowing  God to use you in this way. Indeed  God is the Waymaker!!  I’m shaking right now. Something remarkable, undeniable, notable has happened!!  In less than  12 hours from this morning’s prayer, I now have a testimony!!!

Kind regards

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