Abdomen Pain Gone

June 15, 2017 by 0

Good evening pastor. I have been thinking of how to send this testimony across as I wasn’t sure if you allowed direct messages, that is why it took a while. I joined the Hallelujah challenge on the 5th day(Monday). I have been in and out of various sicknesses and had this constant nagging headache plus sharp pains in my abdomen for a while and whilst we were praising on the 6th day(Tuesday) you were declaring healings and I tapped into it. I placed my hands on the problem areas, praying in the spirit as well, and SUDDENLY, it was like someone poured cold water on me, I started shivering and all the pain disappeared. Up until this moment, I have not felt those pains again. The God of Suddenly healed me just like that. I bless His name forever.

On day 7(Wednesday) I couldn’t join in. I fell asleep and woke up feeling very terrible about it. And it got worse as I saw testimonies about debts miraculously settled because you prophecied about settled debts last night, but He told me to praise Him for 1 hr that morning, which I did. I am in some debt and do not know how to settle it, but believing God that it will be settled. He is not a man that He should lie so I tap into them as well. More bespoke testimonies on their way. Blessings sir.

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