Abdominal Pain Healed

June 15, 2017 by 0

I celebrate you sir.. I bless the name of our God the mighty man in battle #Olowogbogboro for his blessings upon my life and my family. I started the hallelujah challenge from day 1 asking God to do my own each time I read testimonies, on the 8th of June after the praise I felt the urge to throw up but it wasn’t coming so I went to the bathroom to put a finger in my throat, then I threw up i kept on speaking the word of Healing as I was doing that and afterwards I felt so light this pain that AV been having for months in my abdomen just disappeared up till now I used to support my tommy with a very soft throw pillow cos it felt like something that might break was in it God healed me completely also I was healed of an excruciating pain on my shoulder during the praise hour on day 15 #Hallelujah Still returning to share more testimonies of Gods greatness #june jump-start

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