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June 15, 2017 by 0

Something was bothering me very much this week, especially yesterday, my brothers, both in their final year. The first one had issues with his exams and he’s doing a re-sit that ends today and the other one that lives with me, because I travelled on work assignment, he was by himself at home and he slept off and missed his exam and even though his PMC(personal mitigating circumstances) was accepted, he was placed to write it in August, meaning his result won’t be out until September which will affect his grad school offer so asides Nigeria and a few other things, they have been my prayer request. To cut the long story short, the one that lives with me called me that even with the exam he missed, the result came out today and somehow he still finished with a first class?and is allowed to graduate.

So he can go and tell the school he doesn’t need to write the exam again and no effect on grad school. Just waiting for the second one now ?

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