Accident Diverted

June 15, 2017 by 0

I am here to testify because this God is too good o. The God that steps in when praises go out. The doer of the jaw-dropping awesome wonders.
I joined the 1 hour tongue challenge last month, though I didn’t do it for the whole month: God gave me the job that will make me fulfil purpose, with ease, interview processes were flawless.
I joined #hallelujahchallenge on the 10th day I got another job interview on the 12th day, I had an interview today and God is processing it in a way that I can combine the two jobs together, I know He’ll complete that.
Today, on my way home, the bus I boarded, had a tire-twist (that’s how best I can describe it) on Lagos Highway, because the bus just lost control but #Olowogbogboro took control, and the bus stopped just at the culvert, it could have rolled over down the bridge! The outstretched hand held it in place. We came down and saw the front tire twisted.
I want to return all the praise to Him because only Him can do what no man can do. This God is too good O. Aka Akaya took over.
I’ll be back to share the rest testimonies that are as of today prayer points. OlaD

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