All my prayers are answered

August 7, 2017 by 0

My husband and I joined the hallelujah Challenge on the 11th of June, we had a number of things we were trusting God for, one of which was increase and promotion for my husband. We had recently relocated and he’s been so good to us.

He had worked less than 3 months at this new job as a contractor.

On the 12th of June, he was summoned to his Manager’s office. Only to get there to find his Manager and Supervisor showering him with praises on how he’s extraordinarily great at his work and they wouldn’t have wished to have hired someone else. They were too pleased with him.

Right there, he was offered a permanent position.

Between June and now, we’ve been getting everything we prayed for… A car, I passed the first part of my professional exam, he passed his license test and many more grace we experience daily. I’m in awe of how much God loves us. I promised to return to testify to his goodness and here I am.

I will definitely be back even as more doors open before the end of the year.

#Oluwanifemi #Oluwajomiloju #Olowogbogboro #Justlikethat #ThankyouLord

We will forever be diligent and grateful to you Father.
Thank you, LORD!

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