Always In Time. HALLELUJAH

September 10, 2018 by 0

During the first HC i got a call from my aunty in America telling me to check up schools so i can apply. This is an aunt that rarely talks to me and out of the bloom the call came. During the second HC it was around the time i was supposed to write my TOEFL test and i did excellently well. After many temptations to the extent my aunty was going to stop the process of helping me God touched her heart again and she was restless until all documemts needed from her were submitted, I finally got admission into the College in America,i was so happy then i logged in to IG were i saw that there is going to be another HC tho the date wasnt fixed yet, my joy doubled. As i filled all necessary forms for my interview and booked an appointment at the embassy,my date was JUNE 25Th for the interview. I got home logged in IG and the date for the latest HC was also released as JUNE 25TH. I was like JUST IN TIME! The HALLELUJAH CHALLENGE always comes when i need a miracle in my life. The pre 7days prayer i believe GOD and i know will grant me success during my interview to get my visa then the 14days will be days of exceptional thanksgiving for me…….OLOWOGBOGBORO always does it JUST LIKE THAT! HALLELUJAH!!!

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