American Visa Granted

June 15, 2017 by 0

I really appreciate God for the great work he is using you to do in this generation…
I joined the hallelujah Challenge on the 13th day although the network was fluctuating but I just keep singing from the little I heard. Although I wasn’t able to join the next day being Day 14… but i went to your facebook and joined in the pass live Section for Day 12 and also for Day 14 which was available with the mindset of the CENTURION FAITH..but speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed.. So i keyed into all prophesy and prayer point.
Immediately i finished the live section 10:10am this morning my brother communicated with me that he has being giving an American Visa that he has being trying to get for over 5 years without much interview and he can’t explain how it happened. I believe God is here Am coming back to testify my remaining request i wrote down…. WHO DID IT? IT CAN ONLY BE GOD… OLOWOGBOGBORO! OLOWOGBOGBORO!! OLOWOGBOGBORO!!!

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