Answered Prayer

September 6, 2018 by 0

Good day Pastor, God bless you and the worship team.
(Pls keep anonymous).
A few days ago you told us to ask for one specific thing which could be a part of our 14 prayer list, I prayed for my husband for financial explosion and breakthrough (which is also a part of my list).
Yesterday I took some time to fast and pray regarding the list but I saw your post(I was not a part of the challenge the nite before) that we shouldn’t ask for anything but to just thank God and plead the blood of Jesus, I followed the instructions.
This morning he told me he had a dream overnight that he was at an event with the president and he was at the back, and then he saw himself in front. The president was reading the bible and from where he read, he helped him complete the bible verse. Then there was a car key that he (president) was holding and calling to give to some one else but my husband stretched his hands and asked for it, the president told him that he can’t have it, that there was a woman that he was meant to marry, that he should pray. And further gave him some prayer instructions. he didn’t give him the car key.
I ask that you pray for him sir, I believe God that promotion and increase is his already. All that God has for him, nothing and no one can hold back, because He’s our WAY MAKER! Hallelujah!!!

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