Apartment Service Charge Paid

June 15, 2017 by 0

Good evening Pastor Nathaniel, Olowogbogboro has done it o. I’m so elated. I joined the hallelujah challenge last week Friday and had a long list of what I wanted God to do for me. Business has been slow and I have been believing God as I have been low on cash. My service charge in my house is going to be due this month and I have been believing God to do something before the month ends. So tonight, that’s how my brother sent me a message via WhatsApp, only for me to open it n saw that it was a screenshot of cash transfer to me. I was busy thanking my brother and telling him how God has used him n how part of my service charge has been covered now, only for him to tell me he will sort out the service charge too. During yesterday’s praise session, I felt a sensation from my head to my toe and I knew that God just touched me and therefore, my case is settled. Also, a business transaction is ongoing and about to be concluded but I trust that Olowogbogboro who has started these good works shall bring them to a perfect completion. Praise the Lord#Hallelujah#Olowogbogboro is at work#Suddenly, He did it!!!!! God bless you, pastor,

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