Awesome Testimonies from 2017

September 4, 2018 by 0

Hi Pastor Nathaniel,
I would like to share my testimonies from last year.
My mum and I joined the challenge last year, dancing and singing.
We Believed God for miracles. Then it went quiet. July passed, nothing! I was upset that nothing was happening. People were testifying and I wasn’t.
Then August came. I am sure you have heard about the knife crime that’s been happening in London over the last year.
So last August 2nd 2017, my little brother was out with his friends at a party. I called him and told him to go home as it was late. He came to get his bicycle from my flat with his friends and left. My Brother left his friends and went home. The following day his friends said that about 40 boys on bicycles with balaclavas and knifes chased them and they hid. Unfortunately my little brother’s friend lost his life that night.
His friends were amazed at how my brother was not seen by the gang. When I asked my brother, he said something told him to take another route to go back home. I knew instantly that it was God covering him.

2: I was praying to God for a new flat. My prayer request was to get keys to my new flat, and within 10 days God did it.

3: I got admission to do my masters in Social Work,last September after asking God for direction on what course to do. I bless God for that!

I just thank God for everything he is doing in my life and my families lives.

I cannot wait to share the testimonies from this Years Challenge!

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