Behavioural Addiction Healed

June 14, 2017 by 0

Hallelujah OLOWOGBOGBORO is in charge.

I Joined the chariot of praisers, on 11th… I believed God for certain things and I said I will testify as they all unfolds.


First Testimony…

I have been diagnosed with a behavioral addiction that needs to be stopped/addressed early enuogh else the after effect would be immersed. Every single joints in my body cracks – which causes pains around my waist, wrist, chest & neck region. I can win an award for joint cracking…(lol I can crack for Africa). If I don’t crack, I feel uncomfortable, heavy and disturbed. So I was told to channel that urge to something else which I have been trying to do for 3 months and to no avail.. I engaged in several routine excerises and lots more… Same result. I was to meet with my Doctor to book an appointment with a psychiatrist this week but I decided to exercise the Hallelujah challenge first. I wrote my request and waited for 12am.

It was an amazing time in m life and when u said once u play the trumpet we should ask God for everything that we have asked for, I prayed and raised my written request to God.

JUST LIKE THAT!!! I woke up this morning feeling as light as the air… Wanted cracking but it’s nowhere to be found.. All through at work I watched out for regular cracking routine but just like dat it’s all gone… #Olowogbogboro heal me… I have experience God in an unusual way.


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