Brain Tumour Gone

June 14, 2017 by 0

I can’t believe there are still people out there who say there is no God. I joined the hallelujah challenge 4 days ago and ever since my first prayer point every night has been for God to heal my Aunty. My Aunty has been under admission in the hospital for over 3months. They found a tumor in her brain and they did an operation but she just wasn’t getting better. She was even placed in the intensive care unit. Its a private hospital, the money spent per day is just so ridiculous. We all kept praying and hoping for her recovery. I even spoke to my mum last week and ask when my Aunt will be discharged but she said that’s not even a topic of discussion yet. When I heard about the hallelujah challenge I joined 4days ago, my Aunty’s recovery was my number 1 prayer point every night. I called my mum this night and guess what? my Aunt will be discharged tomorrow!! Her recovery wasn’t gradual as you would expect, it was speedy! See this God, just like that. My God!I prophecy into my life and the life of everyone who has been healed that afflictions shall not rise again. Now that God has done my Aunty’s miracle, I can start praying for my own Mind blowing, jaw dropping miracle that has my name on it. God bless you pastor Nathaniel!

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