Business Opportunity

June 14, 2017 by 0

Good evening Pastor,

OLOWOGBOGBORO MIGHTY GOD is at work! I joined the Hallelujah Challenge on the 11th, (One with God is mejority). Praising and worshiping God is my hobby already and God has blessed me beyond my imagination. I have never put a new line of business i intend to set up in a prayer before, but this time around i am setting up a factory/warehouse in Nigeria – to source, process/produce and export. The fear of unknown/lack of funds almost ruined my dream….
Two night ago, i decided to table the plan to God, as we were worshiping, i prayed and cried to God. The next morning being yesterday, money start raining into my account in $$$$$$$. Today again, it keep coming, international companies from China, Ukraine, Russia etc showing interest in my product. Organizing meeting for us to meet. Even One multi million Company proposing to invest upfront (we are meeting on the 19 of this month)… things are becoming easier, proposal to partner with me…
Thank you my God…. May God bless you and your family forever more .. Amen


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