Business Registration

June 15, 2017 by 0

This God is too good o! This God is too much o! Jesus you too sweet o!?? this was the song that came out of my mouth when this miracle happened. My fiance and I engaged in 8 days of praise and worship at midnight even without knowing about the Hallelujah challenge. We just wanted to thank God in advance for whatever we needed had because we know he would do it. My sister was registering her business and at the final stage they asked for some Credentials which she didn’t have. And it was impossible to get at this time.without these credentials we weren’t going anywhere, our labour would be in vain. She panicked but I didn’t loose hope. I took it be Olowogbogboro because I know that he’s the impossibility specialist, he can do what no man can do. I have been praising and praying concerning this issue. I joined the hallelujah challenge yesterday for the first time yesterday and today she called to give me good news. Someone stood as a guarantor for her,someone that doesn’t know her well. Now she’s a proud business owner!fully registered. I am lost for words,i am so grateful.I am also believing God to give my fiance a good Job and I know He would do it, because I will come back to testify. Praise Jesus!

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