Cancer Cell Healed

February 6, 2019 by 0

When I saw that the hallelujah challenge focused on Nigeria and elections, I was angry, I said to myself that I will focus on praying away my many problems. I followed every instruction as it came and yesterday, you asked us to pray for two things we wanted from God and I prayed for a shift in my business. Before noon today, we had made a sale of almost half a million from only one customer. I’m amazed at this God and I can’t keep this testimony. @nathanielblow nations will rise for you and your children in Jesus name. This God is too good

####Praise the Lord!!!!!! It is me, Mr Nathaniel.

Years back I had a lump on my left breast that worried me until I was bold enough to have it checked out and was told it had to be removed but it was not cancerous.

I had the minor surgery in Sept 2015. I could still feel some lumpy tissue in the breast but was told it was the scar from the surgery.

Fast forward to January 2019, the lump returned just as big as before and this time painful! I was scared, bothered and saddened; whether cancerous or not!

I kept worrying about it.

Just this night, I missed joining Day 4 again by an hour and played it from your status. I slept off at some point and miraculously woke up exactly when you said: “cancer cell has disappeared from left breast”. I jumped up checking and checking again. NO LUMP WHATSOEVER! Not even the tissue scar from the last surgery. Two breasts are now exactly the same. No ridges. No lump.

This is my miracle 2 already. And it feels like I’m dreaming. Like I can’t believe if I imagined the huge lump from days back or I’m dreaming this healing. Wow!!!!!! I had to share, sir. Thank you, Mr Nathaniel.

Best regards,#####

May this same God visit your case too, in Jesus’ name!


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