Carryover Blessings

September 6, 2018 by 0

God forbid that I take after the 9 lepers who did not return to give thanks. The Holy Spirit has prompted me, reminding me of what God did for me and my family after the hallelujah challenge of June 2017. I keep a hallelujah challenge journal in which I wrote my requests last year and looking back I thank God for answered prayers. My sister and family now own their home in the US; last weekend I spoke to a friend of mine who had been battling stage 4 cancer for 3 years and cancer has surrendered to the awesome power of Olowogbogboro; after 7 years of writing the same professional exams my sister passed to the glory of God; personal revival like I’ve never experienced before; oil and flour that never runs dry!!! Divine provision on another level! Brother Nathaniel, whatever God commissions, He resources. Even the requests that have not yet physically manifested, He has given me confirmation and evidence that He has already set things in motion and He working behind the scene. All I can say is “This God you love me too much ooooo”. If I had ten thousand tongues it will not be enough to praise Him, to say thank you. Today I testify and boldly declare that He has done me well!!! Thank you Jesus.

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