Cervical Surgery Completed Successfully

June 15, 2017 by 0

Greetings to you pastor and my fellow hallelujans! How do I begin to bless my olowogbogboro, aka n’eme mma? Last year, my mother was diagnosed with something cancerous around her cervical region, I was broken as a young woman with no one to run to but God was cooking miracles unknown to me. The doctors gave her two dates for surgery and asked her to pick one- may and June. She chose may so she could get the whole thing over with, we prayed but my spirit chose June – I didn’t know why but I told her, she still stuck to her date.
The doctors canceled her may appointment after she got to the clinic and insisted on June for her despite my mum’s plea-we still didn’t know olowogbogboro had stepped in. The procedure to be performed was a new one and my mum is well above 60years in age so the doctors had concerns. To cut it short,surgery was on day 13 of this challenge and I was focused on praying for her and did so vigorously, called her names and danced it was praise for my testimony must come forth. some American doctors came in to that hospital and decided to operate on my mum themselves suddenly!! No questions asked,no extra charge!! they chose her case!! Surgery was expertly done in record time and by a team of foreign doctors���������� Olowogbogboro, olowogbogboro!! Please reign on!�������������� She is out and doing good to the glory of Jehova nissi. Can someone help me hail olowogbogboro!!!

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