Change of Work Department

June 16, 2017 by 0

Good morning pastor Nathaniel. I thank you so much for this platform. GOD bless you and your family Amen. I joined the hallelujah challenge on Sunday and I said I must testify on this platform. Olowogbogboro did it without even realizing it. My husband is a civil servant he asked to be posted to another ministry it happened and for him to resume work at the new ministry was proving difficult. Have been praying that God should intervene but it seemed like it wasn’t happening. On Tuesday he went back to the new ministry and someone like an aunt is his boss there snitched to the general manager of the new ministry that she’s not sure about it that he should go no space for him yet that she will let him know. Olowogbogboro worked his miracle that the boss of the senior officer blocking him from working there called my husband himself and told him he’s sorry for the delay that he came highly recommended that because he’s a senior officer they will have to create an office for him and all the specs that he should resume this coming Monday. Who’s he that thinks he can stop GOD’S blessings no one. This olowogbogboro is bursting my head I cannot stop praising him. More testimony to come for me and my family in Jesus mighty name. ??

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