Chronic Depression

February 6, 2019 by 0

God of wonders @nathanielblow man of God I have my testimony too, this is my first time to join the hallelujah challenge, whenever the program come up I will promise myself to do it but work will take the best of me, this time I gave myself no excuses, only two days in the challenge God is doing wonders, my brother has been suffering from chronic depression he was about to lose his job because it being two months he has not been able to be at the office, once it starts he will be talking out of content and running away saying people are after him, but yesterday you said we should ask God for two things one of them was for my brother to resume work early today and his office must welcome him back with helping hand, the Lord did it my brother is back to work and since he always feels people around him are all against him and talking about him which is one symptom of his depression. His Boss gave him a special office to work on his own so he will concentrate better, I’m believing God for complete healing so he will stop with the lifetime medications, only two days in the challenge I’m rejoicing already, the God of possibility made it possible even though it looked impossible.


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