Cough and Chest Pain Healed

June 15, 2017 by 0

I want to thank God for his great mercy in our lives. Last night I was coughing so badly per second and every time I cough my chest would pain me. It became so bad that all I did was cough and all these were happening just before midnight. I told myself that the devil is a liar and this mouth that is coughing would definitely praise God at the hallelujah challenge, no negotiations. When it was 12 midnight I was coughing and praising and praying all at the same time. And when pastor Nathaniel said we should ask for one thing of God money cannot buy. I asked God to make me whole again relating to my health and that everything that is abnormal relating to my health that God should make it normal again. My brothers and sisters I slept so fine that I did not cough at night. I woke up this morning and the pain in my chest had stopped. I ThankGod because He is wonderful, He hears us and He answers prayers. God bless you richly Pastor Nathaniel for not ignoring the voice of God concerning the hallelujah praise. And finally more testimonies are coming for us on this platform. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINING.

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