Court Case Won

June 15, 2017 by 0

Hello sir,
For over 12 years we’ve had a case against the government, concerning our land. The land was forcefully taken from us without any settlement. We went to court and filed a lawsuit against them despite everyone telling us not to, that no individual can win a case against the government. We were threatened a lot because of this case,our dad was accused of killing some people,all this was just to frame him,assassins went after him,there’s nothing these people didn’t do to bring us down,but we kept our faith,in fact,people were scared on our behalf but our God was with us all the way . Sir, I’m telling you that it’s only just yesterday that we won this case, everyone is still in shock. I joined this platform 3days ago, I didn’t even pray for the land case,I just told My God to fight all our battles and win for us, no amount of bribery and corruption could take away what was ours, this was my God in charge,my impossibility specialist, OLOWOGBOGBORO handled this case just like that! I mean who wins a case against the government???? But my God is greater than any government, he is the KING OF KINGS!!! .
I’ve been itching to tell this testimony for a while now, I wanted to wait till the end of the month, but God has been urging me to tell my testimony one by one,I shouldn’t be collective of it all, why wait to praise God for his goodness. As I’m telling this one,I’m sure the others are rolling in for me and other members of my family, so sir, Watch out for more of my testimonies,God is not finished with me and my family(ies) yet.
I pray God will visit everyone on this platform, so we can all share our testimony in Jesus name,Amen.??

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