Day 1 of court trial TESTIMONY

September 17, 2018 by 0


I actually started the hallelujah challenge in 2017 but also joined this year  7 days of prayer on day 4 of wisdom and interventions then joined the hallelujah challenge 3 days ago.

I was due in court to start a trial from a very big organisation in uk I used to work until I complained about a director then they suddenly went into my application form filled 2 years ago to find a mistake then charged me to court. The trial started yesterday and my husband and I felt the hand of God mightily in the court room their witness was confused she said she couldn’t remember her own statement.

Today is the final day of trial and we gave thanksgiving at the midnight hallelujah praise for our request I believe that the 12 Jury has now understood the case and the victory is ours in the name of Jesus!!

I will come back and give a part 2 of this testimony tonight.

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