delay is not a denial

August 28, 2018 by 0

pastor nath, greetings in the Name of the Lord, i have this testimony that i will like to share it is about my sister admission into the university, for 4yrs she has been at home seeking admission all to no avail. But to the Glory of God i partook of the halleluyah challenge last year, then i was pregnant and i prayed to God for safe delivery and to grant us our own car, not only did HE answer i delivered like an Hebrew women i gave birth in the car on my way to the hospital even the car we prayed for came after the christening of our baby. so this year halleluyah challenge is not an exemption when you ask us to write out 14 things that we want God to do, i put my sister’s admission in my prayer request list, she has been given admission into the university suddenly my sister just called that a family has decided that they will be the one to pay for her school fees from year one till she finishes. THE NAME OF LORD IS A STRONG TOWER, THE RIGHTEOUS RUNS INTO AND THEY ARE SAFE. GLORY TO GOD

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