Delayed Business Proposal Approved

June 15, 2017 by 0

I told God I would come back to testify have had some negotiations with the bank that has been going on for some weeks. The proposals they came forward with was not favourable to me at all and we have been on it for some time. Last week after our discussion they asked me to come up with what I wanted and they will take it for approval all this time my funds were tied down because I wanted to conclude with them and it was affecting my other commitments.
Three nights ago I took it to the midnight hour praise and declared that the olowogbogboro himself will invoke favour on my proposal since they didn’t reply me or give any feedback. Last night I just declared this is sorted, during d worship session and said I won’t ask God for this again cos he has stepped into this already and it is settled.
This afternoon d winds of doubt came in again I just declared again “That is why you are called Jehovah song”, and decreed that before the end of this week they will get back to me and my proposal would be approved. In my mind I planned to call and mail them again the just 30-45mins ago I received a call from the bank apologizing for d delay in their reply and announcing the approval of my proposal…all in my favour. God’s outstretched arms did this again. #olowogbogboro @nathanielblow

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