Deliverance from all oppression

July 21, 2017 by 0

Good morning pastor Nath!!

Olowogbogboro has turned things around just like that, I am Mrs Akhere.
My sister had a bad financial business last year and it almost became suicidal so we sent her out of Nigeria. She met a family who took her in and gave her a job as a caregiver, things were getting better depression was leaving.
So we joined the hallelujah challenge on the 11th day and we have never stopped doing our praises even afterwards.
Last 2 weeks her employer lost her job and told my sister that she can’t pay her anymore our worry started again so we continued trusting he Olowogbogboro to fix things.

Some days ago when you shared how you met your wife around 5pm we joined and keyed into everything and at a point, you mentioned let go of a relationship that doesn’t work. What I keyed into was let go of our current challenge and trust him to do wonders.
The day after that 5pm stream my sister called me from the US saying God has done it. I screamed at the bus stop.
Olowogbogboro used my immediate elder sister here in Nigeria to talk to someone in the UK and that woman talked to a friend in The US in Atlanta.
My sister has been offered a job, a house just like that not only that another offer came from Washington too now she has two options.
Hallelujah to the Olowogbogboro!!!

God bless and uphold your Ministry sir.

Now another one from me, on the last day of the hallelujah challenge after we left lekki, I got home and met my son sick I just handed him over to God because he was so agile before I left for the hallelujah festival. While we were trying to take care of him, a call came through and I was offered a printing contract which blew my mind.
We started and along the line, things went wrong because the prices I anticipated changed and we had to do a refund for the first time I had never refunded a client’s money or not do the job.
I have been down for over 3weeks because I paid my tithe and I just kept praising and crying and asking Olowogbogboro to let my tithe fight for me.

On the live stream interview about you and your wife, I keyed in again and just told God I let the company go. God can do better things.

The next day I was called back that they have been having issues with the other printers they called.even the person who brought me to the company was sabotaging my efforts but God gave him a knock. usually, such clients don’t call you back.

The overall boss said he has been restless and I have also been praying with Esther vs 1-5 about the king and Mordecai.

Yesterday I was giving the contract back and 2 other extras from the same company.
Olowogbogboro did it for me pastor!!!


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