Delivered from depression

August 8, 2017 by 0

I have been torn between keeping this to myself! Or sharing this testimony! But have had so much unrest till God pushed me to share this testimony and encourage someone that GOD is REAL and has a plan for us! If only we could just TRUST him, You do not have any idea How God used you to save my life yesterday, I have been battling depression for weeks now! It got worse between Wednesday and Monday morning, I was frustrated and there was just this thing compelling me to commit suicide! I lost my job about 2months ago! My biz failed and then about 3weeks ago or so after listening to how you met your wife and the prayers for God to separate us from whoever we are with that is not meant for us! Out of the blues my fiancee who we had planned introduction for July 29 already, suddenly started acting funny and said he needed time and we should postpone! We have been together for 2yrs so I was weighed down and it felt like my world was crashing in my face! My family and his tried talking to him to know what was wrong and tried talking him into going on with the introduction! But he insisted no! At that point, I knew it was God at work and it was my prayer God answered! I didn’t bother begging or asking him to get back! I thought I could handle it! Weeks after it started telling on me and I was broken! My depression got worse and so many thoughts of God should just end it all and let me have peace! Thoughts of suicide started crossing my mind! My internet expired 3days ago so I didn’t even check social media to see you wanted to do a live prayer session for depression! Just as I renewed I was checking Instagram and saw you were live! I thought it was praise or you were just talking and encouraging people so I joined! Meanwhile, Since Friday all on my was suicide! No job! No funds! Biz went bad! Relationship failed! I already gave up and felt let me just end it all!!!just as I joined the live video! There you were praying about the very thing I was battling with, the very thing that was making me think life isn’t worth living anymore, I started praying along even tho I joined in late! From nowhere came this peace and calmness from within! I felt renewed! I felt God sent you specially to me! And used you for me! He used You to give me HOPE! You gave me faith! You gave me a reason to believe God still loves me and cares for me! You renewed my strength and faith to carry on And trust God has not forsaken me and he will bless me with much more than I lost!! God bless you for giving me new hope and new life…God is real and he used you for me…may all that concerns you be perfected in Jesus┬áname God bless you, sir…

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