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Calvary greetings Pastor.
God bless and protect you more, for availing yourself to be used for His works in Jesus’name.
I joined the Hallelujah challenge on day 2 and same day, God delivered me from what could have been an inferno and rendered me and my neighbors homeless.
I left the house for work in a haste about 7 a.m, forgetting I had something on the gas cooker. When I returned about 7 p.m, I started perceiving a not too strong burnt smell as soon as I opened my door and I turned back to tell my neighbor who I just greeted outside, to go check her food that it was burning but she said she had nothing cooking. Then I stepped in further into my kitchen and it dawned on me it was from me! The gas flame was burning normally, no smoke, no choking smell, no explosion (the burner I used is the closest to the connecting point between the gas pipe and the gas cooker itself, with cabinet just beside the gas)…….and it burnt for 12 straight hours!!!!! I declared Him as my strong tower and He came through for me!
When I ran out to tell my neighbor, she kept marveling at how much God is with me for it not to have escalated. Everyone who hears the story can’t help thanking God with me for averting what could have been a major inferno, for not allowing fire raze my home and my neighbor’s homes (it would have affected them), please help me share, so more people can attest to the fact that God Almighty is indeed, our strong tower.
I shudder at the thought of what could have happened, each time I remember and try to imagine the what could have happened but thank God for being God.

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