Delivered from sexual sins

August 1, 2017 by 0

Good morning pastor, the Bible says they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the words of there testimonies.

My name is C.A and I am 21yrs old. I want to thank God for his power in my life during the Hallelujah Challenge. Before I turned 21, I decided that as I turned 21, it would be marking a new decade in my life, as I was tired of the bad lifestyle I lived in the past, therefore I repented and since October I have been celibate, but I still kept on masturbating. Like others said I could not sleep if I didn’t masturbate. On the 12th day of the challenge I was about to download new porn videos and I kept seeing pop-ups everywhere #olwgborogboro and I got curious and left my porn search to plug into the YouTube channel and I joined on day 13 live. To the Glory of God since I joined and as we have finished, all urges have been destroyed and I have become Holy Ghost sensitive l bless the almighty God. Hallelujah!!

Also…. since then Olwogbogboroi has and is still turning things around for my Good. On the 2nd of July, my Boyfriend and I had been having issues for about 9months, most of which was my fault, however, he called me out of the blues. This was one of my major prayer points. But as the days during the challenges went by, I didn’t see any things during the 30 days, but I kept on thanking God, for other people testimonies, I told God that even if he doesn’t bring my prayers to reality, I am alright about that, I just want to bask in his presence. And suddenly !!!!!! God turned Hingis around for me and we have been awesome since then and I know that things shall continue to be awesome. Amen

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