Delivered from sexual urge and choking attack

August 7, 2017 by 0

God, I thank you, though this is not part of my 30 requests but am thankful. 1, I use to have sexual urges in my dream, I felt it was normal but later started feeling awful about it. During the challenge, I prayed against it then had a dream where the urge came on me but I stopped it and walked a man that seems like a shadow out of my room. Since then, the urges stopped. 2, for two weeks now, my baby has been having some attack during her sleep at night whenever she sleeps on her bed she keeps choking vigorously till I move her out of her bed but on my bed, she sleeps soundly. As at 12am in d morning when we wanted to pray, my hubby moved her from our bed to hers and immediately she started choking again.. I told my hubby to leave her on her bed then we prayed particularly concerning the choking issue and she did not choke again but slept soundly on her bed till morning. Praise God. Believing that my God will answer my 30 requests asap.

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