Delivered from stagnancy

July 28, 2017 by 0

I’m Oluwasefunmi by name I bless God for using this Hallelujah challenge to break stagnancy in my family. I joined on the 13th Day, at first I asked myself what am I expecting I just concluded let me Praise God for who he is so I continued, but later I remember my brother who was suppose to be paid some money now but have not yet been given for close to 2 years, so I decided to place it before God because it was so clear that some of his people at work do not like his achievement and advancement so they plotted against him, but to God be the Glory Olowogbogboro showed forth and they have started paying it, the money is installmental and the first payment will determine if they will pay at all and this God has done. Thank you Jesus.

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