Divine favour from every side

June 30, 2017 by 0

Good day, Pastor. Thank you for the opportunity to share. I have wanted to write a course that would help advance my career; which has been so-so for a while now, but it’s quite an expensive one and i didn’t have the monies for it. Someone offered to loan me the money and let me pay at my convenience which in itself was a miracle to me. On the expected day i heard no word from the person and that was how the weeks flew by, i started feeling frustrated because my plan B didn’t seem to fall through either. I heard about the challenge from a friend and joined on the 9th and oh boy! i had a great time, i didn’t miss it till the end. I just decided to praise God and leave the worryings to him. When you said God will begin to tickle helpers and bring remembrance of us to people i keyed in, 2days later my phone started buzzing with msgs from different people who hadn’t called in a while, the person called to apologize for the delay that i would get the monies soon. I was excited! As i write now, the monies have come and i have registered for my exams. Also, i got a referral for an interview (which went well) from a surprising source; the president of the company himself! I didn’t know him before then. Someone just told me to call and go to his office, he was so unbelievably kind and accommodating. I have just been meeting amazing and influential people, settled my debts & there’s a freshness in my fellowship with God. He’s an unlimited hand of power has embraced me. God bless you, Sir!!

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