Divine Healing

September 6, 2018 by 0

I have been feeling the push to share this testimony from last year Hallelujah Challenge since this one began and thank God i have decided to share it today;

before last hallelujah challenge, i have been battling with serious stomach upset that comes maybe 3-4 times in a month for about 3 years, the pain was like having a violent being moving in moving within my stomach, squeezing and all the pain was usually really bad.

I can’t remember the date again but that particular morning about 1:09am right just after the hallelujah challenge that day the pain came again even worse, i immediately told the pain that it choose a wrong time to come this time and i commanded the being to leave my body within few minutes it stopped and just then i felt the pain to go to toilet and i excreted a really really really really really!!!! black substance and that was the last time i felt that pain.

Glory be to our God that called you Pastor Nathaniel and may he continue to keep and protect you, your family and your team, i have come to this new challenge with new requests and with no doubt that i am coming back to testify.

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