Divine Healing and Divine Promotion

September 6, 2018 by 0

Praise the Lord with me Sir. My testimonies have started arriving. Through the course of this Hallelujah Challenge, I prayed to God, that he who makes a way should make way for my daddy’s promotion. Just this evening I got a call from home, since I’m in school that God has done it, even more than we expected and it has been celebration everywhere. Also, I told God that he should make a way for healing. The night we prayed on healing I asked him to do a surgery on my mum and remove every trace of hyperthyroidism (a very big swelling on the neck). I called her later that morning she said she’s feeling better already and today when I spoke to her she said the swell is reducing. I give God all the glory, because he is already even granting the request in my Hallelujah Challenge prayer request list. HALLELUJAH! ?

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