Divine Healing & Financial Restoration

September 6, 2018 by 0

…and Olowogbogboro did it just like that for me & my family.

My first testimony is on Divine Healing.
8 months into my pregnancy, I had this severe itching all over my body- I scratch to the point I have injuries all over my body. Google & doctors said its a liver condition that affects a small % of pregnant women in their final trimester. I delivered my baby on the 12th of June like the Hebrew women but the itching continued. I joined the Hallelujah challenge on the 2nd day & when you asked us to pray for what we want God to do for us, I prayed for total healing- I specifically told God I didnt want to scratch again & I needed to be made whole. Pastor, I can boldly say that since that night till today, I have not as much as scratched my hair, talkless of any other part of my body. This can only be God!

My second testimony is on Financial Breakthrough. My husband has been in debt for close to 7 months now & this has been financed in bits from his salary, to the point that we live from hand to mouth because of the debt. Day 2 of the Hallelujah challenge, I brought this before our Way Maker when you asked us to pray for what we want God to do for us & today I got a phone call from my husband that he just got a lump sum of cash he had been expecting & he has been able to clear the debt with part of it. We are debt free!

Who did it? JESUS! OH MY GOD! WOW!!!

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