Divine Intervention

August 1, 2017 by 0

Good evening Pastor Nathaniel. I give God praise for His mighty hand at work over my life, all round destiny and specifically my marital destiny. There are things I’m trusting God to see manifest during this Hallelujah challenge over my marital destiny and my God the Olowogbogboro has started already. Part of what He has orchestrated for the manifestation of it has to do with a divinely ordained journey.

However, one of the documentation for the visa application had been delayed. Today the immigration was still saying maybe it will come through tomorrow and that has been the cycle since last week. I joined the #hallelujah challenge# on day 11 and yesterday day 20 I danced on my prayer points (which includes this matter) praising God that Satan and any works of delays on the matter have been bruised under my feet.

I am here to give God praise because Suddenly the outstanding documentation has been issued this afternoon and I know my visa is also supernaturally issued tomorrow morning in Jesus Name and that the perfection of my marital destiny liberation and marriage plans is made physically and supernaturally evident during this divinely ordained journey which is happening during this hallelujah challenge season. Lord, I return all the honour, glory and praise to you alone because all this is possible only by your mighty hand.

Thank you, faithful Father, for faithful are you that has started for you will surely complete it all speedily!!!

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