Divine Multiple Healing

June 15, 2017 by 0

Olowogbogboro has done it for me oooo,been looking for a way to post my own testimony. Will try to make it brief. Man of God, the devil was using me to play candy crush o both physically and spiritually. Physically, I was engulfed with sickness, various kinds of sickness. Migraine, eye problem, toothache, cyst, stomach pain, staph and urinary tract infection. These are the ones I could remember ND heaven knows i am not lying. Spiritually, the marine kingdom, sleeping with men in my dream although I am still a virgin, dancing with people I don’t know. It really affected me cos anything I layed my hands on wasn’t forthcoming. I have prayed ehhh, cried for years but nothing changed. Then the hallelujah challenge started, I keyed into it. sir, the itching and odour have reduced, I feel dis strength in me after I finish the praise night. Sir, God is working on me so so fast.I’ve never experienced ovulation all my life but I know dt phase is over.i just wanna thank God. Help me thank him sir for his mercies upon my life.Will never stop praising him, NEVER. He has started reshaping my life and for this I am so so so grateful!!! Help me thank my OLOWOGBOGBORO!!!

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